The Word of God declares that we should be holy for the Lord our God is a holy God.

The Apostle Paul wrote this God-inspired letter to admonish the Roman believers to live a lifestyle according to God’s will and not mess with the lustful desires that the world offers. The same thing with us, this message is for all of us who believe and made Jesus the Lord of our lives, for us who chose to come under God’s sovereignty.

As believers, we have that responsibility of being conformed to God’s character by the power of the Holy Spirit. No one can be transformed or be conformed to God’s holiness without the power of the Holy Spirit. The flesh is in enmity with the Spirit of God because what the flesh desires surely opposes what the Holy Spirit wants.

The desires of the flesh represent the sin of mankind that separated him from God. Fleshly desires that directly go against God’s attributes. It clearly points out that if we say we belong to Him, we should live a life that is pleasing to Him which is a good smelling aroma unto God.

These things can’t happen without first having a renewed mind. We can not look and perceive things in God’s perspective without that, and it comes the moment we receive Christ in our hearts. God gives us the mind of Christ by the Holy Spirit to know what pleases Him. It’s for our own benefit. It enables us to be God’s ambassadors to the fallen world for them to also know of God’s goodness and mercies by living a life that is fully surrendered to Him. A holy life that is acceptable to Him.

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