Have you ever thought of an idea of letting your imagination go wild and free in creating new things that make them stand out from all the rest? Well, here’s one of them. It’s called “Human Type” or a human-skin-textured font.

A French design company KEROZEN created a new and one-of-a-kind font design created for their yearly company calendar that they send out to customers.

JC Debroize, a KEROZEN designer was the one who conceptualized the idea of using a human-skin-designed font to their calendar to give it a new look that surely catches one’s attention.

Here are the collection of amazing optical illusions.

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The seven characters actually represent seven people who comprise the design team. In an interview, Debroize added that he took a photo of each of the seven-member team and experimented on them fitting each photo to each of the seven-character name of their company KEROZEN using Photoshop.

To make it even more unique, Debroize also simulated each of the members’ skin texture on each of the letters using clay overlay and added eyes for the finishing touch. By looking at the font, one might say that it has a creepy undertone.

This kind of idea could be a hit on Halloween, don’t you think?

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