Crystals are colorless transparent quarts. They have symmetrical structures with geometrically arranged planes and faces. They naturally grow in caves and under the ground.

But, who says that crystals can only be found in caves?

Can you believe that it’s possible that crystals, naturally occurring as they are, can also be produced by a human being? Yes, it’s true.

A young, 12-year-old Lebanese girl, Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani, bewilders medical experts with her unusual and rare ability of producing crystal shards that literally come out of her eyes. Looking at how they come out one by one, you might even say that they maybe solid tears.

Watching the video you could actually see how it happens considering the fact that those crystal shards have sharp jagged edges, but she does not show any sign of difficulty or being hurt passing them.

It is said that Hasnah produces an average of seven crystals a day. We’re not pretty sure how she does it, or if it’s some kind of a disease or what. It’s quite strange. This could be our first time to know of this kind of phenomenon.

A few samples of the crystals were taken for further tests and analysis to determine their composition. This strange occurrence is yet to be explained.

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