In the world of the internet where people upload videos of everything under the sun, viewers are not pretty sure if they’re real or not. We don’t really have any idea if they’re authentic or just fabricated to sensationalize them, and eventually make them go viral on Youtube or in any other websites.

This is an actual video of a classic paranormal phenomenon, happened on June of 2014 in Santa Fe, Argentina.

As we can see on the video, there is this little humanoid creature running on the floor and hides under a drawer.

Could this be a dwarf of some sort?

Stories of old which are told probably all around the world always make mention of these tiny beings who make the forest their preferred habitation. They also come in many names in all parts of the world. Paranormal experts call them “elementals” or nature spirits under the Earth Element classification.

They are said to be playful and sometimes mischievous if hurt or annoyed.

Countless stories of encounters with dwarfs are somewhat common with folks in rural areas. Many say that these little guys also like to mingle with us humans and appear to people whenever and whomever they choose.

On the other side of the coin, as mentioned earlier, there are people who alter videos and probably use softwares to put make-believe characters or mysterious phenomena to make their videos catch attention. Actually, there’s a ton of fake videos on the internet, specifically on Youtube.

The world we live in is full of mysteries. We just have to open our minds to the possibilities that maybe it’s true, that there’s also a world other than ours, an unseen realm. It’s up to us to decide if this video is worth believing for or not.

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