This is great! He’s a sensation, I must say. I mean, how can he do that? Well, he’s a barber, that’s undeniable, but giving himself a haircut is probably an outstanding talent that not all barbers or ordinary people can do. It’s quite remarkable.

It’s true that the hair is our crowning glory. It represents our personality in a way. But, I believe you’ll agree with me if I say that whenever we go to the barber shop for a haircut, we would always feel uneasy because the haircut might not turn out according to our liking or does not go with the shape of our face.

Kerala Got Talent has some who rank high among all other contestants, and one of them is this amazing barber. We normally see people dance or sing in a contest like this. This particular Indian man shows something that has never been seen before, as far as I know. He trims his own hair with a keen eye for details. It takes a great amount of practice to master this kind of skill.

Watching the man trim his hair really amazes me. Well, we all can trim our hair, that’s true, but we can only do that in areas that are easy to reach and see on the mirror. The talented barber can effortlessly reach every corner, in all angles. I was wide-eyed when I saw him reach the back and side parts of his head to neatly trim the edges with precise cuts with his skillful stroke of the scissors and of a very sharp blade.

This great Indian guy really is one of a kind. I praise him for his remarkable ability. For sure, it saves him a lot of rupees for that.

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