It’s very common to talent search programs to test the validity and authenticity of the contestants’ voice if they are to sing, because there are people who audition have a propensity to fake their voice by playing padded music or music that has a pre-recorded vocals sung beautifully by another person to make them sound good.

This kind of scenario happened to Aida Nikolaychuk when she auditioned for the X Factor Ukraine. She was cued to start singing and nearly halfway of her song, she was stopped. The judges had suspicion that her song was padded, not authentic. So they decided to let Aida sing acapella to make sure that she’s the real one singing. Again, to their surprise, she really was the one singing. Even with the absence of accompaniment, her voice stood out still. What the judges heard at first was the same as the second one. It only proves that she’s authentic, not only authentic, but her voice is something.

It’s a natural human reaction to feel nervous about that kind of thing, being in front of many people and strict judges. One could have a nervous breakdown and start to cry or quiver, but Aida managed to stay calm and just listened to the judges’ direction.

Aida Nikolaychuk earned the judges’ approval after what happened. She is now entitled to go to the next round of the competition. That’s the real spirit. You got to show what you really have no matter what difficulties may arise. Like Aida, she showed what she’s got. It made her to be one of Ukraine’s people with the X Factor.

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